The First Of All

So far, “The Color Of Love Organization” has been able to introduce itself on the web, in the virtual world.
But we think we need a real world to express our art, too.
Since April 2008, “The Color Of Love Organization” launched a real art gallery.
The purpose of “The Color Of Love Organization” is to emphasize what we have shown in the virtual world, giving it a new, more realistic dimension.
We think that there should be “The Live Arts” on the walls of every home.
Children will become the next generation, the next culture of the arts, by watching “The Live Arts”.
No Picasso, no Mondrian.
We need arts for our generation and next generations where we are living now and the next to come, and while we are living now, around the world.
We want to help spreading the arts and children for our next generetions. And “The Color Of Love Organization” will do that.
Our DFA Studio is a printing factory with 44 inches wide formatted printer systems producted by Hurett-Packard.
For painting artists, usually, there is only one original work.
But the technology of digital re-products can makes so many copy seats as we want to. Then, “The Color Of Love Organization” can be able to sell it in low prices for all social needs through web.
“The Color Of Love Organization” will help me, other artists and people who need arts. These are all our thoughts of “The Color Of Love Organization”.
We would like to invite you to participate to this project with “The Color Of Love Organization”.
This is the gift of digital: sharing with all the people who live on this planet and with all the children who will be loading our peace of planet on their shoulders in beyond.


Proffessional Giclee Printing. Information for Artists.

What does you imagine as this big change of in these ten years?
The car and the aircraft have greatly improved the technology, but the photograph without the substantial changes.
The film changed into a digital sensor, and a large-scale processing station changed into a computer and a digital printer.
This fact brought a big favor to the people in the world of the oil painting and the watercolor besides the mode of expression of a mere photographic art.

The Giclee print that was the reproduction technology of the oil painting and the watercolor, was for a long time became a very familiar thing, that was supported by this technology.

The word Giclee (pronounced jee-clay) is French for "fine spray." It is a form of inkjet printing where microscopic droplets of ink are propelled on the Drawing paper(no acid sizing paper) with tradition for 300 years or pure cotton canvases.

Each of our giclee prints is made using Hewlett-Packard ultrachrome archival 12 colors pigmented inks on Hewlett-Packard archival paper or canvas, with an Hewlett-Packard HP Designjet Z3100 44 wide format printer. The spray dots are so fine that the grain is comparable to film. The Ultrachrome inks' longevity surpasses conventional photographic materials and are rated at 300 years.
In other words, the process that we use, sets a new standard for color print longevity.


The Giclee Printing Process

FinePix S5Pro

Digitize: The image needs to be digitized. This is done by taking a photo of the original work on FinePix S5 Pro camera, high-end professional digital autofocus camera based on a large 23.0mm x 15.5mm CCD with its high resolution canvas of 12.3 million effective pixels emulating the composition of negative film.


Edit: Once scanned, the image file is corrected for color balance, contrast, brightness and many other criteria. If scratches or dust specks are found, they are removed at this stage.


Proof: Proofing is simply a way of running test strips or small samples of the print to determine if the setup phase needs tweaking. When satisfied with the proof, it is presented to the client. If approved, we move on to the final phase.
Now, the final print is sized and printed. It is important to note that the giclée can be reprinted any number of times and always appears the same as the first, and that the setup process (capturing and editing) has to be made only once for a given size of the giclee (sometimes the original capturing resolution does not allow for enlarging. In that case, it is necessary to begin the process by capturing again in order to preserve the quality).


Delivery: Finally, the giclées, and CD with digitized image are delivered to you.


Protection: This step could be optionally done by the artist. The printed layer on the printing medium is only a few mils thick. Therefore, it is too easy to scratch the suface of the printing. In order to protect the printed surface and 12 colors of pigmented inks from the environment, it is necessary to apply a layer of a special protecting varnish.The varnish has to provide UV protection as well as mechanical protection, and could by applied by spraying or brushing (additionally the varnish can provide some extra texture).


Quality Control.

The printing process begins with the scan, followed by the image editing on a computer, and ends with the final printout.
Every step of this process has to be controlled in order to guarantee the best color match with the original. We use ICC color management that begins with a scanner calibration/profiling for the type of film to scan , PC monitor calibration and profiling using a I-1 device, and ends with printer linearization and profiling, using a special spectrophotometer, for each ink /paper combination.
The whole process takes a long time to do and has to be repeated weekly for the monitor. It must also be repeated each time the printer’s roll of paper and print cartridges are changed. This is called Custom Profiling and is the only way we can guarantee your giclee’s quality.
For more information, contact us.





We have the history from establishment for 141 years, since 1868th.

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