Knack of easy digital data making about your watercolor, acrylic painting, and oil paintings works.
There is the improvement of the performance of a of recent compact digital camera is unbelievable.
There is no problem in taking a picture of re-product data of the painting of the print purpose of the size at the A-3 size level at all if it is your camera of four million pixels sensors or more.
The production of really wonderful DFA prints(Digital Fine Art Re-Production Prints) becomes possible if it is taken a picture for yourself noting the following points.

(1) You lean your canvas against shade without an artificial lighting and direct sunshine regrettably.
Even if your canvas work is a length position, it leans it by side putting.
(2) To take the white balance in the color equation on the computer to recognize white point in later, white paper will be put on the background of your canvas works.
(3) The setting of an instamatic on hand is matched to the best picture quality for resolution.
(4) The ICC color profile of an instamatic on hand is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
(5) If you have a tripod, the camera is installed on it, and a canvas direct frontal work sets up your camera slowly.
(6) If your camera has the optical zoom, you sets it and tower the canvas in the most far distance, and camera and tripod are moved to the distance where the work enters a full finder.
(7) Pushes the shutter with a the setting of the camera full auto mode.
(8) The taking a picture data is copied from the camera to your computer set.

(9) The photograph data is read to the image edit software (Enough when you bought a ordinary printer such as Adobe® Photoshop® Elements® 7 etc. are bought by the adhering appendix. The trial version can be downloaded on the site of the link).
(10) From your computer's menu tub > automatic level correction.. adjusts.



(10-b) After automatic level correction



(10-c) Menu > View > Show Grid, OK?


(10-d) Menu > Image > Transform > Distort, OK?


(10-e) Push the enter key, OK?


(10-f) As for your work image, the white balance of the camera when taking a picture, the error margin of brightness, and the difference of the field angle were corrected by the work to here.


(10-g) Menu > Image > Crop, OK?


(10-h) Your image was corrected completely.


(10-i) Save your image as JPEG.


(14) Please upload your image data to entry form of the site "The Color Of Love".


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