First Friday Art Party

Why Artists?

Believe or not, we artists give a magnificent influence to the world. Our children will carry on in this world after us. We have to recognize our powerful acts have a great effect on culture and our future. The recognition of our acts will give us validation to our being.


For example, we can fine so many cases that "Art changed the town" all over the world.


Many examples of "change the town" are affected by food culture and related activity. Don't take it wrong, food and culture is important. But, it will give a much bigger impact and more attractive touch if we can add the "value of the Arts" on it. Let me introduce to you one of the methods:



First Friday:

There are so many "blind spots (or dead zones)" in the town, like the walls of public buildings, photo studios, and restaurants. Let's get together and decorate them with art work and pictures!


The first Friday of every month is a day of "First Friday" event. It is an on going festival at many cities. Let's change the art work of all these walls every "First Friday", Offer some bread and wine to the guests! The Whole town will be a reception party hall for this event. The power of the arts will attract more power of artists to town, and the area will celebrate with positive artist's power at this great event.


This celebration has to be managed by the artists and people in the area, because it's your "home". Who could be better to do such a thing for your town?


"Change the town" could happen by the hands of the Artist!


"The Color of Love" does not manage this fun event in your area, but you can include our "snap to color" to your party. This collaboration might be very exciting.



First Friday in Hakodate:

Join the "First Friday" event in Hakodate, Japan. Galleries, museums, studios, open-caf├ęs, Bistros, people,,, all the bay area in Hakodate is celebrating this First Friday event with Arts, live music, street entertainments, For more information about First Friday, call: 81-0138-46-4554



For more information about First Friday, call to:
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First Friday