The Art workshop
for the children who become leader of the future world
This particular program is an artshop which run by cooperation of the artist from all over the world.
"Children are the future"
Our children will run this world sooner or later. If our children know that their future is bright and full of joys...It will be so!! But it could be the reverse. There will be no great future if they don't believe there is no great future. It is simple.

Some people say "Children learn what they live"... that means it's up to us, We adults have a big responsibility to let children learn that they are all special and talented. They are so talented that they can even make them future bright! Also, we have to show them how to make our strong wishes come true by our positive actions!
Children have to be taught these two things when they are still young. Specially in this difficult time right now. Probably, we are so busy fixing our economic problems, social problems, environmental problems, etc, etc,,, but, when do we spend the time with our children if we don't do it now? As We all know, quality time with the children is the most important to shape their charactor. We ‘the Color of Love” want to create more special places, so children get together and they'll feel and know that we adults care about them.
What the Color of Love want for Art Workshop?

1. To create a place where children can learn and feel the meaning of life and reasons through the Arts, music, etc.

2. "express yourself!"... They will able to have one more way to express themselves if we teach some art skills for children, this includes the children with Developmental Disorders. Art workshop can give them a chance to have great experiences to show their expressions.


3. "a place to know that you are not alone"... Everybody has some problems, and sometimes these issues make you feel like you are left behind from the rest of the world. But all kind of Children (or can I say all of diffrent “colors" !) get together and get know each other, Then you'll see that you are so special, yet, not alone, We want to guid these special souls to be positive way.


4. "It's not kids only or Artists only place !"... we are looking for many more "colors!" Yes, It could be you. Many volunteers can introduce more diffrent worlds for children. also, Adults get a chance to know that we can be happier if we give more of what we have. We want to people experience it too!

So, What we can do as Artists?
"Workshop for Children"
1. Artists can join our "Snap to Colors" event to send us your art works, your arts will inspire many children (and adults!) also, Please come to our events near you. We will have "workshop space" for children. Please to talk to children about your passion for art, show and teach some skills, It. It will be one of unforgettable memories for the children !

2. We will plan to have "internet art class" for children in future. Please join as "mentor" for this program.
Please be energetic to join our programs and feel how you are important to the world as Artist...